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Caleb is a passionate entrepreneur who loves helping others find what success looks like for themselves. He started Soundfall out of his own desire to make money in the music industry, but the company since has blossomed into a full time creative agency. 

When Caleb isn’t filming or doing audio work, he’s spending time with his wife & kids, or fulfilling his childhood dream of becoming a professional skateboarder.

(not really, he just likes to skate or snowboard in his free time)

A Letter From Caleb:

Your brand has a story. How do you convince your audience to believe it?

If 2020 taught us anything, it’s that in-person business can be shut down at any moment with little to no warning. 

When your customers have no place to go but to their mobile device, what do you do to remind them of the great products or service you have to offer?

In an ever-growing online world, filled with prime packages and convenient deliveries, your brand NEEDS consistent, compelling content to keep the customers you’ve worked too hard to attain. 

But for most brands, their time is filled with the day-to-day operations to keep the business functional. 

Their story never gets told properly. Profits slowly decrease, and soon enough, they’re forced to close their doors..

Imagine for a second, what if someone was there to bring your brands story online to life? 

What if you woke up one morning to see dozens of online orders, shares, and interactions within your brand? 

It’s possible, and it’s being done every. single. day. 

After testing with dozens of different brands to help them find their online voice, we’ve found one thing proven to work. 

Quality video content with an intentional marketing strategy. 

Every brand is unique in their own way, which makes their content one of a kind. 

And in the finer details, a tremendous amount of work goes into making the content worthwhile for their audience. 

But, we’re great at it, and more importantly, we love to do it. 

We’re experts on the tech to make it happen, the creative to make it compelling, and the knowledge to make it convert to more business. 

Will your brand be next to breakthrough with killer content? 

Why not find out together? 

While normally I charge $200/hr for consulting, it’s my personal mission to help 1000 brands double their online revenue over the next 5 years. 

So, I’m opening up my calendar to you for a personal, 1-on-1 discovery consultation, at no cost. 
We’ll spend time discussing your current strategy, and I’ll tell you exactly what I think you need to do to double, triple, or even quadruple your online revenue. 

I won’t hold any “secret” strategy back. 🙂

If there’s synergy, maybe we’ll partner together to help you fully execute your strategy. 
And if not, no hard feelings. I’m happy I could offer ideas for you to execute the strategy yourself.

So, you ready? Book a call and let's get your discovery consultation locked in. 

Can’t wait to work on your brand 👊

Caleb Burns

Founder/CEO Of Soundfall

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