Based in small town Ashland Ohio, Our team consists of creatives, designers, marketers and audio/video experts who help unlock rapid growth for the world’s most iconic brands and fast-growing businesses.
Our highly talented creative, design, marketing and audio/video teams have all the skills your company needs to get ahead of the curve with a blend of creativity and effective business processes. We help brands in action sports, live events, music festivals and local communities reach their maximum potential.

Started in 2016

Originally named Vertex Marketing, Soundfall started as a one man marketing agency founded by Caleb Burns. Caleb’s experience in audio traveled alongside him, but had never directly found a place to be used within the marketing world. Therefore, Soundfall was created. 

Building the Team2020

At the beginning of 2020, Soundfall officially began expanding its team of creatives & marketers to better serve the market. 

The new face of creativity 2021

Soundfall continues to pursue creative work in the events space and bring brands ideas to life.

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Embrace Originality2022

After Soundfall’s first full calendar year in business, the company has continued to branch out creating videos for brands and companies around the nation, while also creating their own original content.

6 Facts about Soundfall

We film epic commercials for epic companies

Whether its a small business or major brand, we take pride in making them as badass as they can be.

We love action sports

Some of our favorite brands include Red Bull, X-Games, Onewheel & Live Nation. Think your brand is similar? We’d love to work together. 

We’re great at audio

Although we create great videos, one of our overlooked expertise is in the world of mixing, audio design and acoustics. 

We’re based out of Ashland Ohio

Even though we travel across the US, our headquarters is based in the small town of Ashland, Ohio. 

We design websites

Looking for a fresh portfolio? We’ve created multiple websites for our clients. 

We REALLY like coffee

While it may seem that we have endless energy, the source of our powers rely heavily on the caffeine bean.

We Believethat every brand
deserves a voice.

We provide the best videos in Ohio because every brand deserves recognition and a clear, actionable message.